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We’ve designed this special area dedicated to safety as we know it’s important for you to have quick and easy access to topics centred around your baby’s safety. Topics examples include; baby proofing your home, car safety, safe sleeping and leaving your baby alone.

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This was just too gorgeous not to repost. What an incredible birth, what incredible relationships are at play here.

When you witness how birth can be and witness people giving so much of themselves to ensuring the safe, dignified and respectful conditions of labour, it humbles you to the possibility of anything.

#Repost @thehypmidwife
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Posted @withregram • @the_passionate_nqmidwife Posted @withregram • @homebirthteam Jemma from Quinton has shared her unique, powerful and heart warming birth story with us. This was her second surrogate pregnancy with @surrogacyukorg and we were lucky enough to be able to care for the whole family 💗

"We met both of our couples through surrogacy UK which is all based on a friendship first ethos. Our friendship is based on loyalty, trust and a whole help of love!

I've given birth 4 times at Birmingham Women's Hospital but for this 5th pregnancy we decided after the last birth was only 9 minutes and the parents nearly missing it, to opt for a homebirth this time around.

My first surrogate baby is now 16months old and on 2nd October 2020, his actual due date my second surrogate baby was born at home, in the most amazing water birth with his Mummy catching him whilst Daddy was beside her 🥰.

This was my very first homebirth after 5 pregnancies and I only wish I'd done it sooner. It was so relaxing, calming, and totally blissful getting into the water to push.

After about 10 mins of getting into the pool, having no time to even get my swimwear on he was born smoothly with no stitches or tears and no pain relief at a munchable 9lb 3oz.

The homebirth team have been incredibly supportive the whole way though this pregnancy and we cannot give enough thank yous in the world to them. Having them at this amazing unforgettable moment was just something we will all never forget!

Thank you home birth team ❤️


Jemma, Steven, kitty, James and Baby Jasper. xxxx

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9th-15th October - Baby Loss Awareness Week

💜We stand in compassion with every woman and birthing person who identifies as having experienced baby loss and who is living with a broken heart💜

💕Our Co-Project Lead Kay King, @birthandlossdoula recently wrote 'Why Baby Loss Matters' as part of the Pinter and Martin 'Why it Matters' series💕 @pinterandmartin

"Baby Loss and pregnancy loss can lead to some of the deepest pain, some of the saddest, torturous, narratives of our lives. It is often quiet, often lonely and it cannot be 'fixed'. Grief is never wrong, nor is it better or worse than somebody else's, it is an unquantifiable response to loss."

Extract from 'Why Baby Loss Matters' by Kay King

💙Birth informed by loss is a unique and personal journey. Within your birth or loss story you and your body will have undergone enormous transformations and the fourth trimester after loss can be extremely tricky to navigate💙

All4birth has a section of our website dedicated to baby loss. You will find an ever growing resource of information, factsheets and real life stories to help you during these challenges.

💕With all the love in our hearts we offer you strength and resilience as you continue to remember your baby. 💕

#babylossawareness #blaw2020 #stillbirth #miscarriage #ectopicpregnancy #molarpregnancy #All4Maternity

Today we are sharing Angela’s blog about experiences of late miscarriage for #blaw2020 💗💙👇⁣

“The majority of miscarriages tend to happen in the first trimester (early miscarriage) and a loss after 13 weeks up to 24 weeks is called a late miscarriage, although these are much rarer, about 1 in every 100.”⁣

“Sadly, I have experienced 2 pregnancy losses, one in 2012 and the other 2014 but I am now blessed with 2 children; 1 biological and the other adopted.⁣

My journey into birth work followed after the birth of my 1st child in 2013 and my passion remains to give continuity of care to women and their families throughout pregnancy, birth and parenthood and to help women understand their choices in birth, so to help them achieve the birth that is right for them.⁣

Following my 2nd miscarriage in 2014, I extended my offering to women and their families and with the help and training from The Miscarriage Association I set up a free local support group in my hometown and is still running to this day.” ⁣

Click the link in bio to read the full blog 👆 by Angela Turner Jones @mothernurtured Hypnobirthing practitioner, perinatal educator and a full spectrum doula: supporting women through life’s journey.⁣

📷 @soni_artist⁣

“Consent is a fundamental human right and one that should not be diminished during pregnancy or birth.⁣

Consent includes the right to receive information regarding the benefits and risks of any recommended intervention so you are able to make an informed decision that best suits you and your baby. Interventions may include prenatal testing, induction of labour, fetal monitoring, vaginal examinations, epidurals, episiotomies, assisted births (forceps or vacuum) and lower section cesarean sections.⁣

Interventions for your baby may include immediate cord clamping, vaccinations, newborn screening and other tests.⁣

This fact sheet will provide you with information regarding the importance of consent and your human rights during childbirth.  We share the current evidence regarding consent and the potential impacts to women when they feel their human rights have not been met. Furthermore, we provide practical tips to support you in voicing your wishes whilst you become a new mother.”⁣

Choice and consent during birth written by Emma Hill, Birth Suite Midwife, Sydney, Australia⁣
@emmah_avecfemme Link to factsheet in bio ✨👆✨

Whatever you are doing this weekend, try to squeeze in a little autumn self care 🍁🎃 It’s Cheryl @the_holistic_midwife here and I love all of these ideas from @blessingmanifesting Autumn is my favourite time of year 🍂 So if you are pregnant, parenting, a birth worker or a health professional remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup and it’s important to look after you too 🧡
#happyweekend #autumn #selfcare #rest #recharge #rebalance #pregnant #parenting #birthworker #healthprofessional #all4birth

‘Managing labour: Mood, Mobilise and Munch’ is a brilliant three part fact sheet series written by Trixie McAree⁣ - Professor of Midwifery and Maternal Health, Birmingham City University⁣
@mcareetrixie (Twitter)⁣ ✨👇✨

“Birth (reproduction) is a physiological process that shows we are alive, other signs of life include eating (nutrition), excretion and breathing (respiration). However, it would seem that we struggle more with birth than any of the other elements of life.⁣

In 2017/18, 52.2% of women commenced labour spontaneously, with 57% of women giving birth spontaneously1, as opposed to requiring either instrumental or caesarean interventions for birth. This suggests almost half of births require additional external intervention, giving rise to the question: What can we do to support our bodies doing what they was designed to do and give birth in the healthiest way possible?⁣

Although there are no guarantees for an easy labour this factsheet series explores three keys to physiological labour where potentially harmful or unnecessary intervention is kept to a minimum. They are managing your mood, mobilising prior to and during labour and munching throughout labour. This fact sheet looks at mood- how to get into the best frame of mind for labour to support normal physiological processes.⁣”

✨Link in bio to read the full fact sheet series✨👆
📷 @dallasbirthguide

"Before you were conceived, I wanted you. Before you were born, I loved you. Before you were here for an hour, I would die for you. This is the miracle of love." ❤️
📷 Author & photo credit unknown

We are so lucky at All4Birth to be working with the wonderful @weleda 🌿 There isn’t a member of the #All4Maternity team that doesn’t use and love their products but also importantly their philosophy 💚 ⁣

One concept discussed and promoted by Weleda and All4Birth is salutogenesis. ‘Salutogenesis as a science of health development focuses on factors that support human health, in contrast to factors that cause disease. The salutogenic model is concerned with the relationship between health, stress and coping.” - 🌿⁣

The philosophy of holistic health is so important during pregnancy, birth and parenting. Feeling well in mind and body is essential in keeping a healthy balance 💚🙏⁣

My all time favourite @weleda product is skin food 💚 It smells divine and has soothed and saved my hands and skin during lockdown!! ⁣

What’s your favourite weleda product and essential wellbeing tip? 🌿🙏👇⁣

#weleda #skinfood #salutogenesis #wellbeing #holisticcare #organic #sustainability #preconception #pregnancy #parturition #postnatal #parenting

Optimal cord clamping • Hannah Tizard @midwifetiz writes ‘Most guidelines suggest waiting at least 1-3 minutes but the research says >5 minutes or until pulsations cease has the greatest advantages’ (www.bloodto There are so many benefits of OCC for baby including - ⁣

❤️ Up to 30% more blood volume⁣

❤️ Increased blood volume helps to keep baby warm after birth and promotes full perfusion of blood to the brain and lungs.⁣

❤️ Increased haemoglobin levels improve oxygen and iron transportation around the body. ⁣

❤️ Iron is important for the long term neurodevelopment of baby.⁣

❤️ Improved fine motor function and social skills later in life. ⁣

❤️ Increased immune promoting stem cells providing lifelong protection to baby. ⁣

❤️ Helps to keep the mother and baby unit together and facilitates neonatal benefits of skin to skin. ⁣

Below is the link to Hannah’s fact sheet about optimal cord clamping in the 4baby section 👇

❤️ Is optimal cord clamping in your birth preferences?⁣

❤️ Midwives do you collect cord bloods and gases on an intact cord?⁣
#optimalcordclamping #optimalcordaction #physiologicalbirth #physiology #placenta #bloodtobaby #birth #midwifery #birthpreferences

📷 by @monetnicolebirths

The third stage of labour • the birth of your placenta ❤️⁣

Did you know there are two different ways to birth your placenta? ⁣

Physiological management includes ~ ⁣
* No uterotonic drugs⁣
* Optimal cord clamping after pulsations have ceased or cord left intact until after the birth of your placenta ⁣* Delivery by maternal effort only ⁣
* Can take up to 60 minutes ⁣or longer if requested ⁣

Associated with ~⁣
🤮 Nausea and vomiting in about 50 in 1000 women⁣
❣️ Approximate risk of 29 in 1000 of a haemorrhage of more than 1 litre⁣
❤️ Appropriate risk of 40 in 1000 of a blood transfusion ⁣

Active management includes ~⁣
* Uterotonic drugs are injected into your leg straight after birth (helps to contract your uterus)⁣
* Deferred cord clamping ideally 3-5 minutes or longer if requested .
* Delivery by controlled cord traction by midwife after signs of separation⁣
* Can take up to 30 minutes ⁣

Associated with ~⁣
🤮 Nausea and vomiting in about 100 in 1000 women⁣
❣️ Approximate risk of 13 in 1000 of a haemorrhage of more than 1 litre⁣
❤️ Appropriate risk of 14 in 1000 of a blood transfusion ⁣

🔄 Why might you change from physiological to active management?⁣
* Excessive bleeding⁣
* Placenta is not delivered within 60 minutes ⁣
* You choose to shorten the third stage⁣

( info from )⁣

👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️You should discuss your options with your midwife or doctor and see what they recommend for your individual circumstances at your 34/36 week antenatal appointment. Pop your choice in your birth preferences/plan 🤰📝 and you can change your mind at any time 🤔👍⁣

Benefits of physiological management coming tomorrow!


At All4Birth we are so excited to be officially launching soon! 🚀🚀🚀⁣

🌍 All4Birth is an international freely available online platform of resources relating to normal, physiological childbirth from preconception to parenting. ⁣

💻 Whilst part of the website is dedicated to information for maternity care professionals, the other sections are specifically for mothers and families and are presented in an accessible format. ⁣

🌿 Both parts of the website are free and open access for all to use. We are able to progress the work further as we have been fortunate in receiving sponsorship from @weleda 💚 an organisation with a similar philosophy.⁣

💜 Our team ~ Petra ten Hoope Bender, Soo Downe, Sheena Byrom, Anna Byrom, Hannah Dahlen, Deirdre Munro, Kay King and Cheryl Samuels are excited about the next steps. As midwives, birth workers and academics, we have specialist knowledge we can share with women and families. ⁣

🙏 However, although the website is almost ready and looks amazing, we now need to populate it with author specific content. This is where we’d like to ask for your help, for the women and families section.⁣

📩 If you would like more information just drop us a DM with your email address and we will send you our brilliant All4Birth author toolkit and support you every step of the way! ⁣

#All4Birth #normalbirth #physiologicalbirth #antenataleducation #informedchoice #evidencebased #community #preconception #pregnancy #parturition #postnatal #parenting #midwife #doula #doctor #physio #nutrition #exercise #psychology

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CHOICES 💪🏽 A gentle caesarean

Having an abdominal birth is still birthing & the experience matters. There’s lots that can be done to support a calmer more connected belly birth.

Even if an abdominal birth isn’t your plan A it’s worth knowing your choices, preferences and making a plan. If you’ve thought about it, it’s less likely to take you by surprise if things should change in birth. It’s about you being at the centre.

Posted @withregram • @the_practising_midwife_journal If a baby needs to be born by Caesarean section, then this is the most humanised way. Then respecting physiology - optimal cord clamping, skin-to-skin contact and early breastfeeding. And ZERO SEPARATION between a mother and her baby, unless medically necessary.
Partial Repost• @tesoromaspreciado Bienvenida pequeña Fiorella ❤️
#birth #caesareanbirth #gentlecaesarean #bellybirth #skintoskin #physiology #bonding #womencentered

Brilliant post and picture by @kimhillyard ❤️👇
“When I was pregnant I painted myself some encouragement. I kept this little picture on my phone and it turns out I was right, because I did do it! 😂 And it really wasn't that bad (so thank you most TV and film EVER for making it seem as if it is) I didn't scream once. Infact, there were quite a few moments I actually....enjoyed 😊🙏🏻 If you are considering a home birth I'm very happy to chat about mine - DM me! And if you are currently pregs, OH YES MUMMAKINS, YOU CAN DO IT! 🌈❤️”
#positivebirthmovement #homebirth #pregnant #doula #hypnobirthing #waterbirth #inamaygaskin #midwifery #physiology

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