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✨ Navigating Your Pregnancy Journey ✨
📚 Based on UK guidelines by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), Alice at guide highlights key points for plus-size care during pregnancy. Remember, these are guidelines to start conversations about your choices and care. Always check with your midwife or doctor for local specifics. 🌸
🔹 Risk Detection: Midwives focus on identifying risks, but it’s crucial to balance this with positive aspects of your pregnancy. Overall risk of complications in plus-size pregnancy is LOW.
🔹 Blood Pressure: Ensure a large cuff is used for accurate readings.
🔹 BMI: Your care plan may be tailored based on your BMI.
🔹 Folic Acid: Recommended higher dose if BMI > 30.
🔹 Vitamin D: 10mcg supplement recommended.
🔹 Glucose Tolerance Test: May be recommended if BMI ≥ 30.
🔹 Aspirin: Might be advised if BMI > 35.
🔹 Thrombosis Prevention: Individual assessment for blood clot risk.
🔹 Diet & Weight Gain: Focus on healthy eating, no formal UK guidelines for weight gain.
🔹 Ultrasound Scans: Routine scans at 12 and 20 weeks, possibly more to monitor growth.
Midwives and doctors are there to help you have a healthy and happy pregnancy. Ask questions, stay informed, and enjoy this special journey. 🌟👶💕
To read the full post click the link in our story or Linktree in our bio!
#PregnancyJourney #PlusSizePregnancy #PregnancyCare #HealthyPregnancy #NHS #MaternityCare #ExpectingMoms #PregnancyGuide

🌟📚 “Reclaiming Childbirth as a Rite of Passage” by Rachel Reed @dr.rachel.reed is a game-changer! 🌿✨
This book redefines childbirth as a physiological, empowering process, urging women to trust their bodies and embrace the journey. Rachel Reed, a renowned midwife and academic, offers deep insights into the history and cultural significance of birthing practices, advocating for a return to nature. 💪👶
Ready to transform your perspective on childbirth? Dive into our full review—click the link in our story or Linktree! 📖🔗 #Childbirth #Empowerment #BookReview #ReclaimingChildbirth

Resharing a fantastic feel from Sally over @pregnancy.chiropractor , Sally has a selection of fab videos on her instagram 🔗✨

Posted @withregram • @pregnancy.chiropractor The last time I shared this post, it went viral! 1.2 million people viewed it, and over 800 commented! So many women shared their experiences of birthing on their back, sometimes by choice, but often not.
Others shared how much easier they had found birthing in other positions, standing or kneeling, for example.

Anatomically, upright birth positions allow much better movement of the pelvis (the movement I show in the video is exaggerated for demonstration!). There’s also research to show that contractions are more effective, blood flow to the baby is better, and chance of severe tearing is reduced.

Pushing on your back can be difficult! But it’s still very much the norm in most places around the world 🌎.

If you’d like to birth in upright positions rather than in your back, have this conversation with your care provider in advance.


How was it for you?? What position did you give birth in, or if you’re currently pregnant, what would you like to do?

Resharing this again as it’s always so popular and an incredibly helpful visual for hand expressing!

Posted @withregram • @all4birth This fantastic video demonstrates antenatal colostrum harvesting! As a midwife, I’m finding more birthing people are interested in colostrum harvesting and it’s great to see!

One of our upcoming factsheets will be focused on AN colostrum harvesting, it’s benefits and top tips! To do this, it would also be great to have a real life story from someone who found this useful and why they did it so other parents can learn to! Get in touch if you’d like to share your experience!

-Abbie, Digital Lead at All4Birth

#all4birth #ColostrumHarvesting #Breastfeeding #optimisingphysiology

Posted @withregram • @goldilacts ANTENATAL COLOSTRUM HARVESTING 💛 This is collecting colostrum in the late weeks of pregnancy. This is not required, but if its approved by your medical team, and your liquid gold greatness is dripping out, we say YES! Collect every drop 😍 This is a gentle way to hand express colostrum during this time. We love the silicone reusable collector used in this video by @haakaausa ✅ Expect TINY TINY drops! Remember that colostrum is RICH in nutrition, there is sooo much greatness in one tiny drop. Put directly in freezer. Newborns cannot get too much colostrum in the early days 😍 Extra colostrum collected can be especially helpful if there is a concern with sweet babes weight, jaundice etc. Did you collect colostrum before giving birth? IMPORTANT: If you are not leaking or able to express colostrum it is NOT an indicator of milk supply or the potential for breastfeeding success. Sometimes our bodies keep the gates closed until sweet babe is delivered 💕 Be sure to have your lactation team ready prenatally!! 👩🏽‍⚕️This video is from the amazing @haakaausa ✨ #colostrum #colostrumharvesting #newborn #breastfeedingtips #chestfeeding #chestfeedingsupport #newparents #fourthtrimester #thirdtrimester #childbirtheducation #givingbirth #babyontheway #ibclc #lactationconsultant

Reposting to get the word out about this study currently seeking participants!

Posted @withregram • @thebirthexperiencestudy_uk ✨ Understanding what we’re looking at in the Birth Experience Study and why✨

I’ll be sharing different insights about what the BESt study will be exploring over the coming days - today focuses on models of care and types of maternity services 💐

#birth #childbirth #birthexperience #pregnancy #pregnant #midwiferycare #obstetriccare #privatemidwife #independentmidwife #freebirth

Posted @withregram • @mmhalliance This #InternationalFathersMentalHealthDay, we’re highlighting the importance of recognising and supporting new and soon-to-be dads’ mental wellbeing.

Being able to identify early signs of mental ill health like difficulty focusing, low mood, irritability, and disinterest in daily activities is crucial. These signs might be subtle at first, but acknowledging them and providing a safe space to talk can make a big difference.

Prioritising self-care is essential for any new parent. It doesn’t have to be extravagant — simple activities like exercise, hobbies, or connecting with friends and family can greatly improve wellbeing. Joining local groups, clubs, or teams can also provide much-needed social interaction and support.

If you know a new dad who might be struggling, please encourage them to reach out to their GP or a peer support service. More groups are popping up for dads across the UK, so see what’s available near you. Let them know that focusing on their mental wellbeing isn’t selfish. If anything, it will help them be the best dad they can be.

Help us ensure every dad feels supported and valued this #InternationalFathersMentalHealthDay!

Visit new @MMHAlliance member organisation, @dadpaduk, for more information and resources for new and soon-to-be dads.

#HowAreYouDad #AskTwice #FathersMentalHealth #DadsMentalHealth #SupportDads #MentalHealthAwareness #DadPad #ReachOut #MensMentalHealth

Posted @withregram • @lindseymeehleis ❤️The Breast Crawl ❤️

No matter how many times you see it… it is still one of the most miraculous things to witness on this planet ❤️🥰

Please know that in a normal physiological birth this is part of a baby’s reflex. Note a couple amazing things:

This baby is free to move as intuitively needed. There is no hat, her vernix is fresh on her body. There are towels but only because they had just gotten out of the tub.

The cord is still attached. 🪢 each step reflex the baby makes she gently presses on mama’s belly to help her placenta release. Tell me that isn’t part of the perfect design of this. ⭐️

Mom’s nipples are making colostrum which smells like amniotic fluid. A familiar smell for baby to seek and find. ❤️

There is also a couple other things the help in this process… the darkening of mom’s nipples, the pheromone smell of moms body odor, maybe even possible the línea negra on mom’s belly. It’s all part of this incredible system.

I always encourage parents to be intuitive, you can see how dad reaches out his arm so she didn’t fall. There is no right or wrong way to do this. ❤️

All you need is the patience and trust to allow this to all unfold ❤️

#breastcrawl #breastfeeding #breastfeedingmom #physiologicalbirth #breastmilk #breastisbest #breastfedbaby

Check out our review of the wonderful “Womb” by @leahhazard on All4Birth by clicking the link in our story or Linktree bio 📖 and great timing as Leah has just announced her next book 👏🔥 #All4Birth #BookReview ...

We’re always looking to expand the content we have on All4Birth and always want to be led by you, our readers! Drop us a comment or DM if you have any topic ideas or could contribute to some of the areas of our site which need some help!

We’ve been so grateful for the continued support and growth from everyone for All4Birth over the last 6 months and look forward to what’s to come! 👀

- Abbie 🌟

#All4Birth #OptimisingPhysiology #ParentalEducation #AntenatalEducation #EmpoweredDecisionMaking

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