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    Repost from @theecomidwife

    This week over on @all4birth I have written a blog post all about Optimising physiological birth on a labour ward. Go and check it out.

    I am massively passionate for education of both parents to be and healthcare professionals: particularly in the physiology of birth. This video really helps support one of the points I make about having an active birth in a labour ward.

    The bed is often a focal point in any labour or birthing room. But it can give you a huge amount of options to use in ways which don't just involve lying down to rest. It is important to know that being upright and active in birth can:
    ❤ Shorten your labour length
    ❤ Help with optimal fetal positioning
    ❤ Reduce the length of time pushing
    ❤ Reduce the chances of interventions
    ❤ Reduce your chance of requiring an instrumental or caesarean birth
    ❤ Reduce your chance of perineal tearing
    ❤ Improve maternal comfort and reduce the amount of pharmaceutical pain relief required

    Ask your midwife how to use the bed in different ways or get your partner to learn how to use the bed to help you remain active.

    Note: This is something I had filmed before the pandemic after I had finished a 13 hour shift (hence no PPE, the lovely hairdressing cared for hair & the poor quality videoing with a previous phone) but have been using when teaching ever since with university students for lectures & during antenatal classes with parents to be to highlight the bed is an asset, not a hindrance to birth. #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnancyjourney #birthbecomesher #thepractisingmidwife
    #birth #birthwithoutfear #midwifery #midwife #midwives #antenatalclasses
    #antenatalclass #mumtobeuk #mum #parent #parenttobe #activebirth #positivebirth #positivebirthstoryproject #positivebirthmovement #babyontheway #pregnancyannouncement

    Join us LIVE on Instagram tonight at 7pm with midwife Alice @thenorthernbirthingschool as we discuss how pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing can help optimise physiological birth even in a labour ward environment!

    If you have any questions pop them in the comments below 👇👇👇

    See you all tonight 💜

    ✨Optimising Physiological Birth On A Labour Ward✨ By Angie Willis @theecomidwife Fetal Surveillance Midwife, MSc Professional development, PGdip public health nursing, BSc Midwifery. This blog is a MUST READ for every pregnant person out there!! 👇👇👇

    “Labour ward environments can be the safest choice for some women. Many women choose to birth in a labour ward either because of additional monitoring recommended by their midwives and obstetricians based on previous medical conditions, current pregnancy conditions, requesting an epidural in labour, induction of labour or if women have symptoms such as premature labour, meconium (baby poo in the waters) or bleeding where additional monitoring and support is recommended.1 Whilst home birth and birth centre births have higher spontaneous vaginal birth rates than labour wards, there are many ways you can increase the chances of a physiological birth on a labour ward.”

    A huge thank you to Angie for sharing your expertise with us all 😊🙏 To read the full blog click the link in our bio 4you or

    Don’t forget to join Cheryl @the_holistic_midwife and Bunty LIVE on IGTV at 7pm tonight 💜

    This week is our labour ward special @all4birth and tomorrow night at 7pm I will be joined by midwife and labour ward co-ordinator for an IGTV live discussing how to optimise physiology in a labour ward environment 💜

    Tomorrow we also have a blog being published by @theecomidwife all about optimising physiological birth on a labour ward 💜

    Thursday we have a beautiful real life story for you about using a mobile epidural and optimising physiology 💜

    AND on Friday we have another IGTV live with midwife Alice @thenorthernbirthingschool who also teaches pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing at 7pm!

    If you have any questions for our IGTV lives just pop them in the comments below 👇👇👇


    Hello it’s Cheryl @the_holistic_midwife here and I absolutely love this illustration from @spiritysol to celebrate caesarean awareness month 🌺🌼🌸 We have a blog coming out tomorrow about caesarean birth, discussing everything from who’s in theatre with you, what their role is and ways to help make it a positive experience. Next week we have a labour ward series including an amazing blog by @theecomidwife IGTV lives with Midwife Alice @thenorthernbirthingschool and Midwife and to end the week we will be sharing the most beautiful birth story about using a mobile epidural. So to share the love for caesarean birth please drop your flower bombs below 🥰👇🌸🌿🌺🌿🌼🌿🌻

    Repost from @spiritysol

    🌼🌸Bursting into this world in full bloom. Magic new life lighting up the room.🌸🌼 Holding space and honoring all the beautiful belly birth mamas for #cesareanawarenessmonth 💕
    If your babe was born by cesarean, drop a flower emoji below so we can shower you with love. 🌸🌺🌹🌷

    💛 The Golden Hour 💛

    📸 @milkandhannah

    #thegoldenhour #birth #allbirthsmatter #lgbtqbirth #inclusive #love #birthingpeople #newparents #skintoskin #bondingtime❤️ #bondingwithbaby #oxytocin

    Hello it’s Cheryl @the_holistic_midwife here! I’m so excited to share that my new @all4birth posters have arrived today! I ordered 10 laminated A3 copies for my trust and they have come out brilliantly!! 🤩 Thank you so much @designsbykarina and if you want to download the poster for free just subscribe to the All4birth monthly newsletter, an invitation to do so will pop up when you visit the website and you will receive the active birth poster in your welcome email ❤️

    Repost from @weledababyuk 🌼💜🌿👇

    Eczema can be really tough on babies, leaving them itchy and irritable, and often meaning broken sleep for you and your baby which can be hard to manage. IIf your little one is one of the estimated 20% of children suffering with eczema in the UK (National Eczema Society), there are some things you can try to help treat baby eczema naturally:

    1. Don't bathe baby everyday - apart from the nappy area, young babies do not get that dirty! It may be enough to just 'top and tail' your new-born rather than a full bath, which can dry the skin
    2. Wash baby's clothes in a small amount of gentle, fragrance-free detergent made for sensitive skin. Do an extra rinse to make sure there is no residue left on the clothes that could irritate the skin.
    3. Dress your little one in smooth organic clothes that do not itch and irritate
    4. Be on drool patrol - excessive amounts of wet on the face can instigate sore and itchy areas
    5. Lock in moisture following bath time with a light layer of natural, unfragranced baby lotion such as our White Mallow Body Lotion and face cream

    Read more about the white mallow range on our website - link in bio @weledababyuk 🌼💜🌿

    The Golden Hour After Birth – What is it and Why is it so important?

    By Nadège Buttigieg, Midwife
    B.Sc (Hons) Midwifery,
    Mater Dei Hospital, Malta

    “Soon after birth, babies find themselves in a completely different environment, which is devoid of the cosiness, security and warmth that the womb usually provides. Babies slowly start to realize that there are things which will now have to be dealt with by themselves in order to thrive, including breathing, nutrition and thirst. Thus, the transition from the womb to the outside world can be quite a challenging period for the newborn. In fact, the way your baby is cared for during the first hour after birth is pivotal. Here, we will be discussing how ensuring an undisturbed ‘golden hour’ after birth can facilitate this transition.”

    To read the full blog click the link in our bio 4you or 💜

    Did you have your baby on a labour ward or delivery suite? We are seeking real life birth stories to accompany an article about promoting physiology in a labour ward environment which is coming out soon 🤰🏥🤱

    We are looking for birth stories with an emphasis on promoting physiology - birthing hormones, low lighting, music, privacy, hydration and nutrition, active birth, supportive birth partner, optimal cord clamping, skin to skin, informed decision making and anything that helped you to have a positive experience 💜
    Here is some more info about All4birth 💜👇
    ➡️ It’s freely available to all⁣⁣
    ➡️ We’re gathering childbirth and parenting information into one accessible space ⁣⁣
    ➡️ Family friendly articles relating to normal, physiological childbirth from preconception to early parenthood ⁣⁣
    ➡️ All written by maternity professionals and based on evidence ⁣⁣
    ➡️ With real life stories from women and families⁣⁣
    ➡️Translatable into 10 other languages
    ➡️ Printable

    We’re so excited about it. We hope all birthing people and families love it! ⁣⁣The articles can also support midwives and birth workers to provide information to women in their care.⁣⁣
    You can be anonymous if you wish.
    If you would like to share your experience go to (link in bio) and click on ⬇️⁣

    ➡️ Menu⁣
    ➡️ Contact us⁣
    ➡️ Online submissions⁣

    There you will find all of our author information. Thank you 🌈🙏

    #all4birth #normalbirth #labourward #pregnancy #birth #baby #parenting #motherhood #families #womensupportingwomen #birthingpeople #informedchoice

    SKIN TO SKIN • There are so many benefits to having an undisturbed hour of skin to skin after birth. It helps to regulate your baby’s heart rate, breathing and temperature. The bonding process between you and your baby is initiated and promoted and this helps to soothe any stress hormones that maybe floating around. If you are breastfeeding your baby can root around using their senses and latch onto your breast. This exposes them to all of the good bacteria on your skin, to help boost their microbiome. There is a lot of new research in this area and having a healthy gut microbiome is thought to improve digestion, promote vitamin production, regulate our immune system and protect us against other bacteria that cause disease. So the checks can wait a little while, to help facilitate this special and important time ❤️

    We have a new blog coming out tomorrow all about ✨The Golden Hour✨

    Repost from @the_practising_midwife_journal

    Wanted 📢 Photos for decolonising the curriculum!

    Here at All4Maternity, we are working with maternity professionals and academics to create articles and educational resources to support decolonising the curriculum.

    Due for publication in June’s issue of The Practising Midwife are two articles focusing on recognising maternal and neonatal conditions in diverse skin colour.

    To support these articles, and the development of future educational resources, we are seeking photographs of a range of conditions from those who are Black and Brown.

    Do you have photos of your baby’s skin condition you’d be willing to share? Or maybe you’d be happy to provide images of your own, demonstrating things such as mastitis, blocked milk ducts or a c-section wound.

    We would be so grateful for contributions of your photographs for educational purposes. Please click the link in our bio to see the complete list of conditions we are looking for. Should you wish to be involved please complete the form on that link and upload your pics.

    We are delighted to be working with experienced authors Zaheera Essat, Rachel Wells, Maxine Chapman, Maureen Raynor and Diane Menage to bring you these insightful articles.

    #midwife #studentmidwife #midwives #studentmidwives #midwifery #midwiferyeducation #midwiferycare #decolonize #decolonise #decolonisation

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