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Book Review: The Modern Midwife’s Guide to The First Year by Marie Louise

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Book Review: The Modern Midwife’s Guide to The First Year by Marie Louise

Review By Roselyn Bunhu – Agency/Bank Midwife
Published: 2023
Publisher: Vermilion
RRP: £16.99
ISBN 9781785044113

This book is an easy-to-read welcoming book for those who have just given birth to the 12 months of their baby’s life. It splits the stages into digestible three-month chunks over the first year, so readers are able to skip forward and back to where they like to gain the evidenced-based information and resources they need.

Throughout the book readers can hear Marie’s calm and supportive voice explaining what to expect, for example what the mother may go through physically following birth, how the body changes whether it be the changes in hormones, breastfeeding, or blood loss. Also, the author makes reference to how the mother may feel at the beginning of parenthood, and she describes what is happening with baby as well. Both mother and baby are changing and learning together!

What I also like about this book is that there are tips and highlighted subjects or ‘need-to-knows’ which are made clear in sperate boxes, making them easy to access. Also, there are quotes from other mothers about their experiences of how they are finding the first 12 months. I feel this is helpful to the reader may help them to feel less alone and isolated when facing similar challenges.

Because I am more of a visual person, I would have liked to have seen more pictures and diagrams to illustrate certain points the author was making.  There is a lot of referring back and forth on certain topics, but that might be a personal preference.

Great book that I will recommend!


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