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Ectopic Pregnancy: Katie’s Story

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Ectopic Pregnancy: Katie’s Story


Katie Mellor Snaith is a mum and pregnancy yoga teacher based in Clitheroe, Lancashire. She is passionate about creating opportunities for good antenatal preparation through movement, knowledge and breath.

The thing that struck me was that whenever I had heard about pregnancy loss in the past, the focus always seemed to be on the emotional impact. However, the biggest surprise for me was the physical impact of the loss. The initial pain I experienced in the right side of my pelvis was very intense. This was followed a few days later with severe cramping and blood loss, which was very uncomfortable. I honestly didn’t know that pregnancy loss was going to hurt as much as it did.

I then went on to have emergency surgery under general anaesthetic, and so the physical recovery from that was also challenging. I experienced a lot of pain for two weeks after the operation, which left little to no room to explore the emotional side of the pregnancy loss.

It’s concerning to think that considering the number of women who experience pregnancy loss, I could go through life not knowing that pregnancy loss was going to hurt physically! I wonder why we don’t talk about this as women?




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