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Book Review: Real Food for Fertility by Lily Nichols and Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

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Book Review: Real Food for Fertility by Lily Nichols and Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

Review By Abbie Tomson, Midwife, Project Lead for All4Birth and Yoga Teacher
Published: 2024
Publisher: Fertility Food Publishing
Pages: 525
RRP: £28 (paperback) £ (Kindle)
ISBN 979-8989595501


Grounded in scientific research and evidence, “Real Food for Fertility” offers readers a reliable source of information backed by peer-reviewed studies and expert insights. Nichols skillfully translates complex scientific concepts into practical recommendations that are accessible and actionable for readers. The book features many delicious and nutrient-rich recipes designed to support fertility and reproductive health. From nutrient-dense breakfasts to fertility-boosting snacks and meals, Nichols provides readers with a treasure trove of culinary inspiration to nourish their bodies and support their fertility journey. One of the standout features of “Real Food for Fertility” is its emphasis on education and empowerment. Nichols empowers readers with knowledge about the role of nutrition in fertility, debunking common myths and misconceptions and empowering individuals to take control of their reproductive health through informed choices. Beyond recipes and nutrition advice, “Real Food for Fertility” offers practical guidance on navigating fertility challenges, understanding fertility markers, and optimising fertility through lifestyle modifications. Nichols provides readers with actionable steps to gradually implement changes, making integrating her recommendations into daily life easy.

As a midwife with a personal and professional interest in nutrition and a strong advocate and lover of Lily’s other books, I was thrilled at the release of ‘Real Food for Fertility’. This book covers preparing your body for a solid and successful pregnancy through nutrition, lifestyle support and knowledge to empower and make tangible changes to your daily habits and lifestyle. This book will be a staple in my professional bookshelf to refer to for myself and others, and it should be mandatory reading for all planning on conceiving or wishing to try! Nichols takes a holistic approach to fertility, emphasising the interconnectedness of nutrition, lifestyle, and reproductive health. By addressing factors such as nutrient deficiencies, blood sugar balance, and gut health, she provides a comprehensive roadmap for optimising fertility naturally.

Why You Should Read “Real Food for Fertility”:

Whether you’re actively trying to conceive or simply interested in optimizing your reproductive health, “Real Food for Fertility” offers invaluable insights and empowering guidance to support your journey. With Nichols’ evidence-based recommendations and practical advice, you can feel confident knowing you’re making informed choices based on sound scientific principles. Elevate your fertility-friendly eating with Nichols’ nutrient-rich recipes, designed to nourish your body and support reproductive health. “Real Food for Fertility” goes beyond diet to explore the broader context of lifestyle factors that influence fertility, offering a holistic approach to optimising reproductive health.


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