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Book Review : Birth After Caesarean Your Journey to a Better Birth

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Birth After Caesarean Your Journey to a Better Birth by Hazel Keedle

Review by : Sheena Byrom OBE, Consultant Midwife
Published by Praeclarus Press
Publication date: 5 September 2022
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-946665-58-4


Book Review

When a book begins with a personal story, especially when the account belongs to the author, it signals an important read. This was a powerful start and, for me, gave the text authenticity. Whilst aimed at childbearing women and people, the book is a crucial tool for midwives, doctors, doulas and anyone in contact with pregnant women. Birth After Caesarean is informative in a facilitative way; there is an abundance of up-to-date evidence to support decision making with benefits and risks of various care pathways laid out clearly and in an accessible manner.

The voices of women are an integral part of the book, with sometimes harrowing tales of traumatic experiences. Reading about birth trauma can be triggering for those who suffered; Hazel acknowledges this in a sensitive way yet shares perspectives so that the reader can identify with the storyteller.

Importantly, there are many accounts of redemptive birth where women describe their transformative journeys. These are encouraging and inspiring and have the potential to boost confidence.

The section on how to optimise the chance for a better birth, whatever mode of birth is desire, is brilliant. Strategies gleaned from Hazel’s vast experience in clinical practice and the findings from her PhD are presented simply and examples are given to aid understanding.

Beautiful, engaging illustrations bring the text to life. This wonderful resource is desperately needed and is one I will be recommending to all those interested in post-caesarean care. Awesome.


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