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Sally’s Home Birth Story

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Sally’s Home Birth Story




My home birth story.

When pregnant with my third child, I decided that a home birth, if available was they way forward. My two previous labour’s had been very quick and straightforward, no issues. We live on a farm so its very rural, my husband would have got lost trying to drive to our nearest hospital! I spoke with my local midwives and they agreed that a home birth would be a great option for me. I had only used gas and air for the two previous births, so pain relief was covered if needed. The home pack was delivered, and the room approved for delivery, set up and ready to go.

My due date came and went, we had had snow on the ground for 2 weeks, frozen solid and lethal. I was offered a sweep on the 7th December at the midwife led unit in Melton Mowbray. I attended the appointment at 11:30am, I wasn’t dilated so wasn’t convinced anything would happen. Did a bit of shopping then went home for a nap before school pick up. 13:45pm I had a twinge, 14:00pm again, ran myself a bath, but the pains kept coming. Rang the midwife unit and the midwife who had given me the sweep answered and laughed when I said it was starting. Two midwives were allocated to come out to me, my husband was shooting at Belvoir castle and had no signal, my best friend was Christmas shopping in Nottingham. I rang a school mum to collect my children as the contractions were coming every 4 mins by 15:00pm.

Eventually I got hold of my husband and he set off to come home, 15:30pm the first midwife arrived, checked me I was 7cm. My husband arrived at 15:45pm and took the children to my mum’s round the corner. My best friend arrived at 16:00pm and my waters went at 16:15pm, I was on the floor on my hands and knees leaning against the sofa with the gas and air. I tend to go silent when in labour and just zone out. My waters went with a very loud bang at 16:30pm, and I was fully dilated so ready to push. With my first born I only got one urge to push, which is very hard as it’s like trying to have a poop if you don’t need one. So, my one urge came, I managed to get the head halfway out then nothing!

The second midwife still had not arrived, my husband was on the phone outside trying to direct her to us, there was thick freezing fog by this point! I screamed if you want to see this baby born you better get inside! Two minutes later a very blue boy was caught by my husband. He needed a good rub to get him crying by the midwife. The second midwife arrived as Robbie was being handed to us, all 8lb 10oz of him.

My friend got me the best cuppa and toast you ever have, I got the blankets I had put by and sat on my sofa with birthing pads under me covering all the mess, and blankets all covering me. The children came to meet their new brother, grandparents came, and all met the newest family member. I was checked over by the midwife, all okay, and they left us too it. I got up and washed about 20:30pm, it was lovely just to sit until I was ready to get sorted. A takeout was delivered, and we relaxed into our family of five.

In the morning I went to the doctors, much to her surprise, all was okay with me and baby. At two days old I noticed Robbie had blisters/blotches all over him, my second born had had them as well and they were put down to being overdue. The midwife who visited for checks was happy that apart from the marks all was going well, I was breast feeding nicely and milk came in on day four. On the tenth day I had been feeling a little down and my bleeding had come back red and heavy, it had slowed right down. The midwife had come to sign me over to the health visitor, I mentioned this and the fact I did not feel great, she felt my tummy and wasn’t happy, sent me to A and E, I had a tiny piece of retained placenta and mastitis! I was put on three lots of antibiotics, I chose to give up on breastfeeding then, my choice the midwives were happy to assist me to work through the mastitis. three days later I was feeling a lot better.

I would absolutely recommend a home birth for anyone that is thinking about it, it was the most relaxing birth I had.


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