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My experience of placenta encapsulation

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My experience of placenta encapsulation

Hannah Horne


I’ve always been fascinated by the placenta. It’s an extraordinary organ and quite frankly, I don’t think we celebrate this unique organ enough. Ever since I read an article about women eating their placenta – I have been determined to eat mine! Whenever I expressed my wishes to others they have been absolutely disgusted, stating that it’s vile, wrong and absurd. If I’m honest, those negative comments made me more determined. The only person who listened and didn’t judge me was my community midwife.

After doing lots of research I decided that placenta encapsulation was right for me. I found a local lady who offered an encapsulation service, as part of a package I could also have tincture and essence made. This meant my placenta would be steeped in alcohol and preserved for many years to come and can be used to help combat premenstrual syndrome and can even be saved to help with the menopause.

The negativity I experienced when discussing placenta encapsulation got me thinking. Why do people vocalise their disgust about placentophagy so loudly? Is it that disgusting, that we must make those who to choose to do it feel like they’re wrong? No one ever asked me why I thought it would work for me. Or what my rationale was, if they had of asked, would their comments have been different?

I was absolutely petrified that I would get postnatal depression. I was a career focused woman in my mid 30’s, I’d wanted to be pregnant my whole life, I guess I feared that after wanting to have a baby for so long the reality would be somewhat different to how I’d pictured it in my head. I didn’t have the best pregnancy and a very close family member was diagnosed with cancer. I wanted to do all I could to try and prevent myself becoming depressed and felt that encapsulation would be a natural way to do it.

So, four months post-delivery I haven’t got depression – is placenta a placebo effect? Or was I never destined to get postnatal depression? Is it mind over matter? I guess I’ll never know. What I do know is that it worked for me and continues to work. Whatever your thoughts on placentophagy are, is it right to voice them so loudly that women who chose to do this are made to feel disgusting? Each woman who chooses to eat their placenta is doing it for their own reasons, for me I wanted to do all I could to help my family go from two to three!!

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