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Breastfeeding with complex needs; baby Issac’s story

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Breastfeeding with complex needs; baby Issac’s story

Rebecca – Mother

The best thing was being enabled to have a full-sized bed so I could breastfeed lying down.

Isaac was admitted when he was 4 months old for neurosurgery and then started chemotherapy at 6 months.

It was challenging in some of the hospitals because only the oncology ward provided me with meals. The rest of the time I had to find my own food.

The staff in the hospital had zero ideas about how to get hold of a breast pump, which was a nightmare whenever Isaac had to have an anaesthetic.

Fortunately, I was very good at hand expressing! It would have been good to have had a protocol explaining what to do if a breastfed baby was admitted, and for a designated person, a member of staff to call, so that breastfeeding mums can be supported and have someone to talk to.

Isaac is now in remission and has continued to breastfeed beyond the age of 2.

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