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Toni’s Birth Centre Story

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Toni’s Birth Centre Story


I had my daughter at a standalone midwifery led unit (MLU) and it was honestly amazing! It was my second birth and my first had been planned for the MLU but unfortunately my blood pressure did not want to play so I was sent to the labour ward at the local hospital.

The contrast between the two birth places had such an impact on my birth. I arrived at the MLU at around 7pm after my waters had broken a few hours before, and the lovely midwife did the usual checks, and all was well, I was 2cm dilated and instead of sending me home as they were currently empty, they said I can settle in a room for a few hours to see if I progress. I had taken 2 paracetamols at home at 5pm and she said to give her a call at 9pm and I could have some more.

Me, my partner, and my mom settled into the room, we dimmed the lights and had the tele on low (for my birth partners!). I kept myself moving by pottering around the room trying to find a comfortable position, I could not settle in one place for long so kept changing spot. As the pain was progressing, I sat in the shower and my mom showered my back and bump, it was such a special moment that I will remember forever.

As time went on, I knew I wanted some pain relief so was eagerly awaiting 9pm, as soon it arrived, I told my partner to pop out and ask for some pain relief for me. The lovely midwife came in to check on me, she must have known by my behaviour and noises that things had progressed! I asked her to examine me and I was fully dilated! I remember her saying do you want to carry on without any pain relief, and my eyes nearly popped out! I politely declined and requested gas and air!

The midwife was amazing, she helped me find the perfect position, she advised me to get on my knees in a supported kneeling position and by 9.51pm my baby girl had arrived! She was immediately passed to me through my legs and I placed her on my chest. At this point we did not know the sex of the baby, so I was very excited to find out but wanted my partner to do the honours, so after 3 failed times of him telling me we had another boy, the midwife laughed and kept saying look again!

I truly believe that being left undisturbed and having such a relaxing environment with two of the most important people in my life helped me progress so quickly. The lack of interference and medicalisation facilitated my ideal birth, and I will always remember my lovely midwife Aimee who supported me through labour.


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