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Leanne’s Home Birth Story

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Leanne’s Home Birth Story




My home birth story.

I found out I was pregnant with my 4th baby on the 10th December 2019, it did come as a surprise, but nevertheless, a lovely one! My pregnant was pretty much straight forward, a little bit of sickness, pregnancy yoga relieved my SPD and sleep discomforts. At 37 weeks, baby had a growth spurt and meant I needed a scan as a precaution, baby was estimated to weigh 10lb 2oz, as a hypnobirth facilitator, I had been practicing what I preach and felt confident that my baby was the right size for my body.
Fast forward to 17th August, my “due date”, I was confirmed to be in slow labour by my midwife and she asked if I would like a sweep, I declined and tried other ways to get baby moving naturally. By 10pm, I was getting irregular surges and as I was having a home birth, my midwife came out to check on me, check my surges and also offered me a sweep, this time, I accepted, she advised me to try and get some sleep.
Me and my partner went to bed, I was woken by twinges, nothing major, at 1.20am. I timed my surges for an hour, they were coming every 10 minutes and lasting for 30-45 seconds, so I woke my partner and asked him to ring my midwife while I went for a wee. We came downstairs and my partner started filling the birth pool whilst I stood up against a dining chair, concentrating on my breathing and rocking, we then had a cuddle whilst waiting for the midwife. The pool was ready at 3am so I got in, the midwives turned up at 3.15am, she spoke to my partner whilst I was in my zone in the pool at 4.30, I felt my baby descend and ready to meet the world, I let my partner know I was ready, I started downward breathing and zoning into my body, my waters released as my sons head crowned at 4.53am, I then caught my baby under the water at 4.58am.
By this time, my daughter had woken and was witness to her brothers birth, not planned, but was lovely to have her nearby.
I stayed in the water with him for a further 10 minutes before getting out of the pool to birth my placenta as I had it encapsulated and needed it to be stored.
Thank you for taking the time to read my story,
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