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Clare’s Home Birth Story

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Clare’s Home Birth Story




My home birth story.

I had a few little niggles on Friday 15th January at bedtime but I wasn’t sure if they were Braxton hicks so I just went to sleep. At around 1:30am I woke again with similar pains and woke Craig at around 2.00am. At this point my contractions were 3 in 10 minutes but very mild and only for about 25 seconds. I rang the midwives to let them know because of Arthur’s rapid birth but as my waters hadn’t gone yet like they did with him, I knew it was going to be longer. Around 3:20am I rang them back as my contractions were a little longer and more intense but still completely manageable. At this point I was bouncing on the ball watching ‘A League of their Own’ to keep the oxytocin flowing and was just managing the contractions with the up breathing technique I’d learned through hypnobirthing.
Around 4:30am my midwife arrived and the contractions were more intense so I’d got in the pool but was still managing just with my breathing. She asked if I wanted gas so I said yes but at first I found it better without as I couldn’t get used to doing my breathing using the gas. Around 5.00am the contractions were longer and even more intense so I tried the gas again and managed to get my breathing how I wanted it and using the gas and air to take the edge off the contractions and rest in between. Around 6/6:15am my waters went and literally popped into the pool! The relief was crazy and the contractions soon changed to me needing to push. After around 30-40 minutes of pushing Hattie arrived at 6:48am in the pool in our home. The midwife was incredible and completely respected our hypnobirthing wishes. I wasn’t once examined and she just kept telling me to listen to my body and go with how I felt, all the while encouraging and monitoring me in the water and checking baby’s heartbeat. It really was an incredible, calm experience that I would recommend to anyone. Also no stitches again – perineal massage is the way forward! Kind regards, Clare.
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