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Bethan’s Journey to Reflexology and her Own Experience

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Bethan’s Journey to Reflexology and her Own Experience

Bethan Parfitt of Divine Blossom MBACP, MAR, MARR

Feminine Embodiment Coach

Divine Blossom Women’s Health and Wellbeing Clinic

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Instagram – @divine_blossom_therapies


About Bethan

My name is Bethan, I am the founder of Divine Blossom Women’s Health and Wellbeing Clinic.  I am a Feminine Embodiment Coach working with women to locate, nurture and maintain their connection between mind, body and spirit.  I support the development of a harmonious strength that empowers and promotes active health and wellbeing responsibility, allowing choice and a clear voice when it comes to her body, health and life choices.

Reproductive Reflexology (or Reproflexology™)

Having had my eldest children at the age of 19 and 22, I had a deep longing to experience pregnancy again. At 35 I felt that there were parts of a pregnancy journey that I wanted to experience differently.  Having an underactive thyroid, being that much older and having been on contraception for many years, I was concerned that I wouldn’t conceive and also for the health and development of my future baby.  I was looking for a natural way to enhance my fertility when I discovered Reproductive Reflexology, which I went on to qualify in.  I was using the specific protocols on myself when I conceived and have since supported many women with this approach.

I am a member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists (MARR). Members of the ARR are specially trained, using structured and prescriptive treatment protocols to support couples and individuals through all phases of their assisted conception program and also a natural approach to conception.

Maternity Reflexology

Supporting the continual changes that the body goes through to support the development of a baby is the next part of the journey.  I can remember clearly how tired I was during pregnancy.  I suffered sickness during all three of my pregnancies, however my second one felt quite extreme.  I experienced heartburn on my first and third pregnancy which at some stages was very uncomfortable and I had to be very mindful of what I was eating to avoid feeling worse.  During my last pregnancy, I had a lot more knowledge of holistic health and natural ways to manage the body’s responses to the internal changes that were taking place.   I feel that adopting a more natural and holistic approach to my pregnancy made such a difference in how I felt physically and emotionally.  I was a lot more in tune with my body which supported the choices and decisions that I needed to make along the way.  I felt empowered to voice my desires, needs and choices and know intuitively that they were right for me at the time.  I was grateful for the medical advice and guidance offered throughout and felt comfortable in combining natural and medical healthcare.

Reflecting on my pregnancies and the work that I was doing I realised that Maternity Reflexology would be another treatment that could offer comfort and support to my clients as they embark on this journey to motherhood.  I went on to train with Sally Earlam in Maternity Reflexology, ensuring that I could safely treat pregnant women.

My journey of supporting women with their reproductive health and managing the pain and discomfort associated has led me to further my knowledge and skill set through training with Dr Carol Samuel and Barbara Scott, in the combination of applying Nerve Reflexology and Reproductive Reflexology.  The combination offers an effective and unique approach, allowing me to incorporate clinical reasoning to support the treatment plans that I create. This can offer a deeper level of physical comfort and pain management.  Whilst Nerve Reflexology is not a relaxing treatment, it involves pressing onto the bones in the feet, stimulating nerve reflexes, and incorporating Reproductive Reflexology to soften and soothe.




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