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What is the birth repository?

The Birth Place, Winter Garden, Florida –
Jennie Joseph

The BIRTH repository is an online, freely available resource for sharing of information & resources related to childbirth and maternity care.

The repository is for all interested in this topic, and will be co-created by a global community. This first hub focuses on normal physiological childbirth related to preconception, pregnancy, parturition (birth) postnatal care and parenting.

Our resources include links to publications, research, reports, websites, media and films, guidelines, toolkits and consensus papers.

The objectives of the repository are to gather resources into one, accessible space, to increase awareness of and knowledge relating to normal physiological childbirth, to transfer and share knowledge between locations, individuals, and countries, and to maximise potential for optimal outcomes for mothers and babies.

The resource is for mothers, partners, families, maternity care worker childbirth activists, childbirth educators and anyone interested in normal, physiological childbirth.

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