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Welcome –  All4Birth provides information to optimise wellbeing throughout your childbearing journey

What is the birth repository?

The Birth Place, Winter Garden, Florida –
Jennie Joseph

The BIRTH repository is an online, freely available resource for sharing of information & resources related to childbirth and maternity care.

The repository is for all interested in this topic, and will be co-created by a global community. This first hub focuses on normal physiological childbirth related to preconception, pregnancy, parturition (birth) postnatal care and parenting.

Our resources include links to publications, research, reports, websites, media and films, guidelines, toolkits and consensus papers.

The objectives of the repository are to gather resources into one, accessible space, to increase awareness of and knowledge relating to normal physiological childbirth, to transfer and share knowledge between locations, individuals, and countries, and to maximise potential for optimal outcomes for mothers and babies.

The resource is for mothers, partners, families, maternity care worker childbirth activists, childbirth educators and anyone interested in normal, physiological childbirth.

"We all deserve to start or grow our families with dignity, which requires childbirth care that is safe, supportive and empowering".

Neel Shah, MD, MPP
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Vice President, March for Moms

"If we get birth right we get the world right; starting life with a positive birth experience sets the scene for the best possible future wellbeing for women, babies, families, and societies."

Professor Soo Downe
University of Central Lancashire, England.

"There’s no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women" - Kofi Anan.

Positive pregnancy and childbirth experiences are crucially important to women and their families. Help us bring together the best resources together to co-create these experiences with women, families, communities and care givers.

Petra ten Hoope-Bender
Midwife, MBA
Technical Adviser Sexual and Reproductive Health

"We can only have safe and satisfying birth for women and babies if we respect the intricate process of labour and birth and think carefully and respectfully before we intervene in this ancient process"

Hannah Dahlen
Professor of Midwifery and Higher Degree Research Director in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the Western Sydney University

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